Bengalore voted best city for IT professionals

According to the TechGig’s survey, Bengalore voted as the best city for IT professionals. Over 40% of information technology (IT) professionals voted Bengaluru as the top city to work.

Hyderabad secured second and Pune secured third spots respectively. Hyderabad received 13% votes and Pune received 11% votes. Delhi-NCR (20%) secured the least votes among the preferred city chart.

According to the survey, Bengalore city offers high living standards, highest appraisal and career growth opportunities.

The survey has showed that 58% of IT professionals prefer Bengaluru as the city provides high living standards.

About 71% professionals voted the city as the best with regards to salary hike, while 68% professionals voted for the city for career growth and job opportunities.

Further the survey added that, “Bengaluru wins the first spot among experienced professionals and freshers alike as 61% respondents said that the city offered best opportunities for IT professionals to kick-start their career in the industry.”

The survey was conducted online at the beginning of April among over 1,830 IT professionals. These professionals includes 25-35 years age group having at least two years of experience.

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